You may have a number of questions about working with our team of Christchurch home builders and what it takes to get your home from concept to completion. If your questions about the building process are not answered here, please feel free to bring them along to our initial discussion.

This depends upon the size and complexity of the home. We look at the location, style and your requirements, coupled with the size of the budget. It takes approximately five months to complete the design process for a larger architectural home.
Again, this depends upon size and complexity, the location, whether on a hill site or on the flat, the type of materials to be used, the style of the home, and any additional features. D.J. Hewitt Builders can give you an estimated square metre rate on different types of homes.
Several factors influence the building time frame. Building on a hill site, for example, takes longer and will cost more than a house on the flat. You would be looking at a minimum of five months for an architectural house, depending on its size.
Drawings are a lot more involved and detailed than they used to be and you would need to allow a minimum of a month, although the permit process can take longer depending on the local council. Our designers will work through the planning, permits and resource consent (if necessary) for you.
First, the concept is done off discussion and a scrapbook of wish lists and photographs of what you would like. The initial drawings are made up, followed by more complete drawings and a CD presentation of 3D visuals. Finally, working drawings and details will be prepared for the engineers.
We have a team of professional designers who can help you with interiors, colour schemes, lighting, and sound and communication. We also have specialists available for landscaping, heating and solar solutions, amongst other services.
Again, we would recommend a specialist who can design your kitchen, laundry and bathrooms. The specialist works with the main designer to keep the integrity of the design.
Once we have working drawings and engineers’ drawings it takes approximately three and a half weeks, depending on the job, to get a complete pricing.
We have to have a permit before we are allowed to start. However, if we have been through the entire process with you we can usually start within a few weeks.
We can run the whole process for you – you can go on holiday if you wish! However, to get a personalised home, there are many finer points that you will need to consider and discuss with the specialists.
Some people choose to move in before the landscaping is complete. We will have the house professionally cleaned for you before moving day. All you need bring is your toothbrush! If landscaping is required, we can work with the landscaper and manage the whole process.
That depends on the site. Landscaping can usually begin once all external scaffolding has been dismantled and the main sub-trades are finished.
No, D.J. Hewitt Builders has a full team available for your convenience.
We do not recommend this because it can often lead to stressful situations. We have chosen sub-trades who work the best with our team and share our philosophy of craftsmanship, where we achieve the highest result in our set time frame.
We are happy to design and build single- and multi-storey homes on the flat or on the hill within a 30-minute drive of Christchurch. We also undertake smaller jobs such as extensions and alterations. You are welcome to contact us for more information.
Yes, D.J. Hewitt Builders have an invitation-only show home where you can see some innovative products and beautiful finishes. Our show home will give you plenty of ideas on what you can achieve in your dream home.
Yes, we will manage the design and building of your home from initial consultation to finished product, and assist you with budgeting.
D.J. Hewitt Builders invites you to phone (03) 384 7470 or contact us.