Kelly & John Nicholls

We are currently building our new home with DJ Hewitt and chose DJ Hewitt on reputation alone.  We bought an existing home built by DJ Hewitt and lived there during all of the major earthquakes – our damage was minimal and cosmetic – nothing strutural whatsoever.

We have found the building process a real pleasure and always feel confident that the team at DJ Hewitt’s are looking out for our best interests in every decision we make.  The builders have been exceptional to work with, the project management team “just make things happen” and the interior design service offered by Tara Hewitt has been one of the highlights – Tara is really talented and this is just another service offered in the build price.

Navigating a new build can be overwhelming – the endless decisions that need to be made can be daunting however the whole team at DJ Hewitt’s have ensured that we enjoy each decision, are involved in every aspect of the build and are fully informed at every stage of the project.

We highly recommend DJ Hewitt and the team.

Kelly & John Nicholls May 10, 2016