Merivale 2

Monochrome Masterpiece

Moving from seaside to city was smooth sailing for a retired Christchurch couple, who had DJ Hewitt Builders at the helm the whole way through.


  • O’Neil Architecture

When Marilyn and Neville Tiller’s Redcliffs home was earthquake damaged, Daryl Hewitt was the well-respected builder chosen to create their sanctuary on Carton Mill Road.

“His work was perfection, the mastermind of building!”, says Marilyn. “Daryl showed us ideas for various design styles, ideal for the chosen site. Then with O’Neil Architecture we pored over the plans together, working out exactly what we needed and wanted, such as plenty of room in the bathroom as Neville is now in a wheelchair.”

The couple have always had black and white homes. Striking in black, the simple design resides on the iconic riverside spot. The brief was for simple and easy living for the two-bedroom home, on one level with access to decks on all sides. “Neville loved looking out at the boats on the estuary, but now it’s the ducks on the river. He says he’s now the Mayor of the Avon!”

“Daryl would always listen to us and then deliver and keep us informed on the progress. With attention to detail, he never forgot an item.”

“Neville wanted an outdoor shower, and we got it. Daryl’s wife and interior consultant Tara was really good, she shared so much of her knowledge and advice.”

Marilyn acknowledged all the wonderful consultants and subtrades that were fully managed throughout the project. 

“The site was always left tidy. Everything was just top notch. He had the whole process covered – from A to Z.”

“The Hewitts have made the whole process very, very simple for us. We have had no problems. I can’t praise them enough. We are very proud and happy to be in a DJ Hewitt home, now we are experiencing the joy of living here.”

Daryl Hewitt

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